Quality Analysis Report and Certification of Suppliers


News: To control the quality of products in a better way, Skyworth has applied the top-ranking equipment of metallographic microscope for quality supervision and put it into service in the manufacturing headquarter from March.

As the output of panel TV sets is rising and more and more minisized instrument is used, it has set forth the higher requirements for the failure analysis of parts and components. After the investigation for almost half a year and the selection of instrument for over two months, Skyworth having made the chips has achieved the measurement and analysis of coated parts and components, accurate measurement of the thickness of copper-clad PCBs and clad copper and localize the internal circuit of integrated IC and so Skyworth is able to accurately analyze the failure of minisized parts and components and effectively avoid the material quality accidents. Also this metallographic microscope can verify the quality analysis reports provided by the suppliers and superpose the quality supervision to the control phase of raw materials.

It’s learnt that the metallographic microscope is suitable for the microscopic observation of nontransparent objects and is widely used in the researches of metallography, mineralogy, precise engineering and electronics, etc. as well as in the schools, scientific research institutes and factories, etc. to study and analyze the inspection of raw materials and metallurgical structures of processed materials. At present, few enterprises in home appliance industry have applied this apparatus and the metallographic microscope is the top ranking device for quality supervision in the trade at present. Its putting into service will upgrade Skyworth levels of quality analysis and quality control

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