Skyworth Brings Forward Chatting Online TV to Intensify Multimedia Entertainment Product Orientation


February 2nd, famous home appliance enterprise Skyworth Group brought forward a new TV product with real-time chatting function ——“COCO TV”(Chinese name “酷酷聊天电视”), which indicates that Skyworth further strengthens its online TV strategy.  Experts said that a series of activities implemented by Skyworth group after bringing forward CooCaa TV, such as self-built and Shanlian standard etc, make Skyworth establish a leading advantage in two key fields of internet TV——utilitarian function and content supply.

Zhang Xuebin, president of Skyworth group, stresses in the product launching conference that it is useless to argue whether internet TV is the future of the industry, and the focus all sides care about is how to realize the application of the internet in TV products to accelerate true amalgamation of 3G.

It is learned that Skyworth group has been dedicated to application development and content supply of TV multimedia entertainment function for a long period of time and has built absolute advantage in this aspect, so Skyworth group is a pioneer and explorer in TV application aspect.

According to Skyworth group, the group has founded to supply content for CooCaa TV and started early stage exploration of online TV when CooCaa TV was brought forward in 2007. In October 2008, Skyworth put forward Shanlian TV and realized wireless share of TV and computer sources. Zhang Xuebin indicated that the internet has offered a broader stage and space for the development of Skyworth TV, Skyworth will further explore various forms of internet and TV application to strengthen its product orientation in multimedia entertainment field and consolidate its status in the industry.

Reporters find in the product launching conference that COCO TV brought forward by Skyworth this time is equipped with powerful real-time video communication function and can realize two communicating modes: TV to TV and TV to PC. Thus, consumers are able to communicate with others in their home through high-quality and stable video and audio signal at very low cost. In addition, the product is so easy to operate that even senior people and children who aren’t familiar with computers can use it easily.

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